EPK "Beethoven/Liszt, Symph.7&1" - Yury Martynov, piano
11 Oct 2013
OUTHERE / ZIG-ZAG TERRITOIRES présentent le nouvel enregistrement de Yury Martynov consacré aux transcriptions des Symphonies de L.V. Beethoven par F. Liszt. ---- Programme : Symphonies Nos. 7 & 1 (Ref. ZZT 317) ---- Enregistré sur un Piano Erard de 1837, à Haarlem - Pays-bas Disponible chez OUTHERE en janvier 2013 : Aussi disponible, le premier volume de la série : Symphonies Nos. 6 & 2 (Ref. ZZT 301) ----------- The Russian pianist Yury Martynov presents here the second volume of the complete recording he has undertaken of the cycle of the Beethoven symphonies as transcribed for the piano by Franz Liszt. For both the pianist and his listeners, this recording constitutes a genuine adventure, combining the creative genius of Beethoven, the inspired vision of these works of the composer and pianist Franz Liszt, and a piano with the same sonic resources as were available to Liszt.?? Symphonies N° 7 and 1?CD Release: January 2013 ----------- Réalisateur

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